Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miracle of the Super Plumber Cop

Tonight we were blessed with a visit from Super Plumber Cop. When our plumbing issues (yes, we are still having plumbing issues) get out of hand, we have to call in the big guns, and Super Plumber Cop comes to our rescue. Cop by profession, plumber in another lifetime, he has rescued us on numerous occasions. He makes house calls at odd hours and is often accompanied by a small assistant or two. Tonight he came over the mountain from 30 minutes away, after a long day at work, AND after doing his home teaching.....it is the last day of the month after all......and within a few minutes, had worked his plumbing magic and was gone. I can't reveal his true identity; he is undercover, in both police work and plumbing; and I am certainly not going to be the one to blow his cover. But I hope that all the good karma he puts out into the universe comes back to him in spades.

Sometimes God sends miracles in the form of burning bushes or crickets. Other times, He sends Super Plumber Cop.